Multifunctional software engineer/
problem solver — with a passion for art & photography.

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Compression Engine

Compression Engine is a basic implementation of the LZW algorithm in C++. It is wrapped up into a commandline tool. It works perfectly with low entropy files (eg. text files).


No need to open your browser anymore to look for your favourite lyrics. Furler is a command line application (and NPM module) for getting the lyrics of any song right in your terminal! It is named after one of my favourite artists - Sia Furler


Snacky.js is a simple NPM module. This module is basically a plugin for a snackbar or toast message for web pages. The module follows the material design guidelines for style and hence blends in with modern web design


Base64 is an implementation of the Base 64 encoding scheme in C++. It is basically a tiny C++ library for encoding text to base 64 stings (without padding).