// About Me ¬



My name is Nji Collins. I go by the nick Collin Grimm. I'm a high school senior and I'm a software engineer. I have a keen interest in Machine Learning, Data Compression & Medical Software. In my spare time, I contribute to open source projects.

When I'm not debugging, I draw and paint! My portraits focus mostly on abstractions and my imagination :) I have some of my art my art portfolio .

// Experience ¬

November 2017 - January 2018

Google Code-In 2017. — Mentor at OpenMRS

Mentored 100+ students for Google Code-In who completed 350+ tasks in various categories. Reviewed students’ pull requests on GitHub and comments on JIRA Issues. I created and reviewed task on running OpenMRS on an AWS instance
September 2017

DeepMind Technologies Ltd. — Visiting Student

Visited DeepMind Technologies Ltd. for two weeks. Had a firsthand experience on how software engineers build reinforcement learning models. Build a basic reinforcement learning model implementing a DQN.
August 2016 - March 2017

Nerd Inc — Co Founder & Software Engineer

Co founded Nerd Inc. Software Engineer for the MedKit platform. I wrote the data compression codes for the platform. I was in charge of building the application's user interface (MedKit-UI) using the Electron framework.
November 2016 - January 2017

Google Code-In 2016 — GCI Student & Grand Prize Winner - OpenMRS

Grand prize winner in the Google Code-In contest 2016. I participated with the Organisation OpenMRS, and completed a total of 20 tasks. The task categories include coding, research, documentation, user interface, quality assurance,
July 2016 - August 2016

N-Tech Wireless Solutions — Software Developer & Program Instructor

I taught an Intro to Programming Course in JavaScript and C++. Also, I Worked on multiple client website design and the implementations. I designed and created health icons for a client application
December 2015 - February 2016

Google Code-In 2015 — GCI Student & Finalist - OpenMRS

Finalist in the Google Code-In contest 2015. I participated with the Organisation OpenMRS, and completed a total of 22 tasks, fixing bugs in the core module and improving the documentation.
Summer 2015 & Summer 2016

RECAP Studios — Full Time Artist

Full time volunteer as fine arts instructor and artist, at The Reformation Center for Artistic Performances (RECAP) Studios, Bamenda. (RECAP is more know as T-Marx Trice Arts). I gave classes on pencil arts and painting to children aged 8 and 19. Designed client logos and t-shirts for Google I/O Extended and Google Women Techmakers

// Education ¬

Frederick High School

High School Diploma
February 2018 - Expected: June 2019

Government Bilingual HS, Downtown

GCE Ordinary Level Certificate
September 2011 - June 2015

// Projects ¬

Compression Engine

Compression Engine is a basic implementation of the LZW algorithm in C++. It is wrapped up into a commandline tool. It works perfectly with low entropy files (eg. text files).


No need to open your browser anymore to look for your favourite lyrics. Furler is a command line application (and NPM module) for getting the lyrics of any song right in your terminal! It is named after one of my favourite artists - Sia Furler


Snacky.js is a simple NPM module. This module is basically a plugin for a snackbar or toast message for web pages. The module follows the material design guidelines for style and hence blends in with modern web design


Base64 is an implementation of the Base 64 encoding scheme in C++. It is basically a tiny C++ library for encoding text to base 64 stings (without padding).

// Skills ¬

C++ JavaScript (Node.js) HTML & CSS3 Python Linux TensorFlow Sonnet Git Electron